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There are ton of Bart carts out there, and they all have Bart Simpson on them. They may come from the same Chinese manufacturer because they have packaging that is quite similar to Exotic Carts’. We have a wide variety of flavors and strains to chose from, ranging from Sativa to Indica to Hybrids, for a freshly launched vape cartridge, compared to its time on the market. To far, the following varieties have been made available:

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 Treats Glaucoma

One of the commonly discussed alternatives for the treatment of glaucoma is the smoking of marijuana,which does lower eye pressure.


 Increases Appetite

There’s truth to this, and it’s that THC, one of the active cannabinoids in cannabis, can boost appetite even for cancer patients


 Chronic back pain

Medical cannabis can be used for temporary or chronic back pain. … marijuana to treat their back pain and are experiencing tremendous relief.


 Improves Sleep

Cannabis has long been used to aid sleep. A frequent lack of sleep can have a significant impact on mental and physical wellbeing

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