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My shipping date got messed up and not only did they immediately ship it overnight to me, but they gave me a little gift for my troubles as well. Very impressed with how hands on Management is. Thank you again!

Brenda LoCicero / November/29th/2022

Hate the taste of this grape flavor. Pineapple and blue berry are way better taste wise. But this did help me sleep like a baby regardless so id say for that purpose I would repurchase.

Brad Erkis / November/29th/2022

Super smooth taste and doesn’t make me cough like the d-8s. Helps with my anxiety and insomnia.

Baileigh Clarke / November/26th/2022

 I saw how high my stress was I was like gimme the whole ass bag,Took the whole bag and was high for 2 days lol

Gail Merritt McGillis / November/30th/2022

Loving the strawberry on these. Kinda tastes like the real fruit and not so much a candy

willie harris / November/15th/2022

I’ve tried so many gummies and they all suck. I usually have to eat a lot to feel anything. These strawberry thc-o  gummies are legit as fuck!

Chuck Taylor / November/26th/2022

bought these during one of their sales and racked up points for it. Ya’ll really know how to take care of us

Harlow Mills / November/13th/ 2022

These are great! I have a really high tolerance and was really suprised with how wel they worked.

michal cunningham / November/13th/ 2022

My husband likes this a lot. He doesn’t usually feel anything from the Alien OG HIGH THC Cartridge but these works. Great quality for a good relaxing night.

Stetson Farmer / November/12th/2022

Such a good product, gets my head to where I want it to daily. Daily use!

Greg Gines / January/1st/2023

Best tasting cart I’ve had in forever… definitely will be purchasing more from you guys

Tracy Vanderbeck / December/16th/2022

DELTA 8 TO THE MOOOOON. So glad to have found a company that makes quality consistent products. This is one strong vape. Great vapor draw on each hit and awesome flavor. Keeps me faded all day.

Les Nelson / January/12th/2023

This is an amazing product! The purple flavor really shines every time you get a hit. Perfect head high and amazing all day cartridge. Definitely recommend anyone looking at this to BUY IT

Zulqarnain Haider / January/12th/2023

Out here in LA its tough for me to find good purple flavored cartridges. Delta 8 really came through with a dope purple vape packed full of flavor.

Tristen Heckmann / January/10th/2023

I knew this was the one when I saw that it was orange. Sometimes its difficult to tell if a flavor is going to hit or not and this one did it for me. Full flavor, easy draws on the cartridge and had me locked into the couch. Thank you!

Gary Schofield / January/10th/2023

Delicious flavor, the cartridge gets a little hot but maybe its just because I can’t stop puffing on this bad boy. Definitely try this one. Perfect day high

Christian Thompson / January/12th/2023

Amazing Blue Dream flavors. Takes me back to my teens when blue dream was the only strain that I could get. Now it seems almost impossible to get original blue dream but Delta8 really made a fine product here. Definitely recommend to anyone looking into getting some amazing carts.

Jason Kott / January/9th/2023

Amazing cart, no harshness. I am coughing but definitely not like how I do when I hit other vapes. This one has such a smooth draw but still the same head high. Great product

Dustin Hopper / January/12th/2023